Sunday, December 2, 2007

kate ross - OM men's striped tank top

For my first shopping-blog trip, I chose Kate Ross, a hip independent boutique in my neighborhood of North Park. While I have been window-shopping here since it opened last year, I had only entered the store once during a Ray at Night when they held a mini fashion show inside. Kate Ross sells trendy men's and women's clothes and accessories by both famous and unknown designers. The store has an elegant and friendly atmosphere, and I really didn't want to leave!

Brian agreed to be my photographer, and I modeled my Om men's striped tank top.

Before I show you the outfits, I first want to comment on tank tops. Tank tops are IN. I'm NOT talking about tight wife-beaters. Those I don't approve of unless worn at a gym. But stylish loose-fitting tank tops are highly fashionable and often flattering! The low neckline of tank tops gives the illusion of a long neck (which a hunky guy like me really needs). Also, it's a MYTH that you need big arms to look good in them! The cut will enhance the shoulders of the skinniest guy. Personally, I think small arms are sexy because they signify that a guy has better things to do than spend his life in the gym.

Now, for the outfits!

Outfit number 1:

This would be the perfect outfit for a hipster night on the town! Tan dress pants cancel out the uber-casualness of the tank top, and the hoodie covers you up and keeps you warm year-round. I love layering a tank top with a jacket because it maximizes the effect of the neckline. Also when you take it off, everyone will be shocked (bare shoulders!).

Tortoise-shell dark 80's sunglasses: $12

Penguin Heather Blue Hoodie: $89

Ben Sherman Tan Dress Pants with Subtle Plaid Pattern: $118

Le Coq Sportif Black/Brown Sneakers (my own)

Outfit #2:

If you saw the spring 2008 collections, you'll know that the sporty look is IN! That's why I chose this awesome track jacket made of a super-soft, satiny material. It's one of those items that looks even more expensive than it already is. This black fedora with a skull trim actually looked kind of cute on me which was a first. That's a hat that makes any guy the life of the party. Just try putting on a fedora and not having can't do it!! Again, I chose dress pants because I didn't really like the jeans there.

Cassel Goorin Black Fedora with Skull Trim: $62

Gussino White/Navy Track Jacket: $132

Ben Sherman Black Dress Pants: $118

That's all from Kate Ross! Let me know what you think. Stay tuned for the next instalment!

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