Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sam at Banana Republic

So what if the malls are overflowing with obnoxious shoppers? It didn't stop me from bringing my two female models, Sam and Molly, to try on hoards of outfits and photograph them for your pleasure and education! We had a blast even though a manager at one store yelled at us (jeez, sorry we're trying to give your store free publicity, won't happen again).

The first store we went to was Banana Republic. While it used to be just an upscale version of the Gap, it has evolved into an elegant brand of its own. I chose this store to show how hope&spray shirts can fit with a professional look.

Some of my customers have reported wearing their shirts to work (to rave reviews, I must add), so I want everyone to see that you don't have to wait for Casual Friday to bust out your h/s!

Sam is wearing her Peace Dove on gray striped fitted women's t-shirt.

Here's her first look:

A black 3-button blazer and grey flannel dress pants make for office-appropriate attire! I wish I could photoshop in some heels to complete the look, but it's good practice for your imagination.

Gray flannel trousers: $98
Black wool blazer: $198

Here's her second look:

OK, this is definitely an outfit for Casual Friday. It's great because you can also wear it out for a low-key Friday night. Black skinny jeans and a cream cashmere shrug accentuate the purple dove on the shirt. I think if I were a woman, I'd never wear a shirt without a shrug. It's such a cool item that few take advantage of. Check out the clunky cream bracelet, too!

Black skinny jeans: $78
Cream cashmere shrug: $98
Clunky bracelet: $34

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