Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sam at Bebe

The next store we hit was Bebe! Who needs Mischa Barton when we've got Molly and Sam! Bebe has long been my favorite women's store so I was especially excited to pick out clothes there. Once my ship comes in, I will become a drag queen and dress myself only in Bebe (Here's Charlize!).

Here's Sam, still in her hope&spray Peace Dove shirt.

Outfit #1:

Ready to paint the town purple?? You will be in this outfit. A deep purple satin pencil skirt and fitted satin four-pocket jacket add dimension to the simple cotton shirt. The look is topped with a floppy hat made of charcoal felt. Notice how the skirt brings out the purple dove!

Black satin jacket: $189

Purple satin skirt: $98

Floppy hat: $30 (sale)

Outfit #2:

My favorite piece of tonight's trip is this purple tweed moto jacket! It really makes the shirt pop! On the bottom, Sam is wearing ultra-tight indigo jeans with gold stitching. She said they were so tight she could barely move. I told her that if she wants to move, she can get some sweatpants.

Purple tweed moto jacket: $159

Dark blue tight jeans: $119

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