Thursday, November 8, 2007

5 reasons NOT to get a hope&spray shirt

Here are five reasons NOT to get a hope&spray shirt:

1. You don't want to express yourself.
Not everyone wants their clothes to tell the world a little bit about who they are. They don't want to ruffle any feathers. They want to go unnoticed. Maybe they would like to spread the message about recycling, but they are afraid of anti-environment hecklers. Maybe they are proud of their religious heritage, but they fear offending those of other faiths. The truth is people respect and like people who believe in something strong enough to wear it. It shows confidence, awareness, and conviction. All of which are highly attractive qualities in a person.

2. You don't feel worthy of luxuriously soft fabrics.
You might ask yourself what you have done to deserve to be wrapped in silky bamboo fabric. Or who died and made you the princess of Turkish cotton? Or maybe you have done something horrible in the past and feel the need to punish yourself by wearing rough and scratchy shirts for the rest of your existence. Like Bobby Brown says, it's your prerogative. But I think you are worthy. I think you deserve it. I think no one deserves the punishment of uncombed cotton.

3. They are too affordable.
$19 for a shirt?? You wouldn't be caught dead in a garment that cost less than fifty bucks! What will your friends think when they find out? While I would love to make the kind of profit that I would if I charged $50 per shirt, I am just too ethical to do such a thing. The purpose of hope&spray is to make beautiful and expressive fashion accessible to everyone. Plus, I don't believe clothing should be expensive. Homes, education, and jewelry are worth spending big bucks on. A shirt, even a beautiful and unique one made of the finest and most decadent fabrics? No way! I believe in frugality so I would not feel right charging a high price even though I believe my shirts are worth it and that people would pay it. If you want a hope&spray shirt, but you think the price tag is too low, let me know and we can negotiate a higher price for you!

4. You like paying for shipping.
Maybe you think that if the shipping is free, it will take ten weeks to arrive (are you listening, Amazon?). That's not the case here. I ship first-class, so it takes less than a week within the U.S. If you want it faster (priority or express mail), we can do that for only the marginal cost of the extra postage.

5. You can make it yourself.
You probably can, and I encourage you to. It's really fun to wear something that you have made yourself. It is even more fun when you get tons of compliments on it. That's how I got started. I will warn you that it isn't as easy as it sounds. Spray paint is not always cooperative, and I have ruined many, many, many shirts while perfecting my process. If you have an idea for a shirt image, but you want me to do the dirty work of making the stencil and painting the shirt, let me know. I love making custom orders, and you will love wearing a shirt that you designed.

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