Friday, November 2, 2007

7 reasons to get a hope&spray shirt!

I recently added this to the announcements of my online shop.

Here are 7 reasons to get a hope&spray hand-painted shirt:

1. Express yourself with an image that is meaningful to you!

2. Extrememly unique spray-paint process adds an edge to your look that will turn heads.

3. Turkish cotton, organic cotton and bamboo fabrics: SO SOFT!

4. No sweatshops: produced in Turkey under high ethical standards.

5. Made to last: permanent images on the highest quality shirts.

6. Choice: got an idea for a special design that fits YOU? I'll make it happen!

7. Fit Guarantee: If it doesn't fit, send it back within 5 days, and I'll send you a size that does.

Got any other reasons?? Comment!

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