Friday, November 2, 2007

new shirts!

Last night, in between making vegan apple fritters to celebrate my birthday, I squeezed in some photo shoots for three new shirts!

I'm most excited about my Om on Bamboo Women's Raglan Shirt! It is such a cute shirt, and the bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and silky. I've had it ready for over a week but haven't been able to coordinate with my female model, Sam. Last night, she came over and offered to model before I had the chance to ask her! Her modeling fee was paid in apple fritters. A huge bargain considering her natural talent! Here's my favorite shot:

Before Sam came over and while the fritter dough was rising, I begged Brian to take pictures of me modeling my black and red Kettlebell on Bamboo Classic T-Shirts. See, he was the male model for my first shirts, but he didn't want his face shown in the photos even though he's a great model, too. Since it was my birthday, he finally agreed to be the photographer. At first, it was hard for me because I felt I needed Jay Manuel there to direct the shoot. I tried to do serious, but my face in the pictures looked stale (although the shirts were so comfortable) so I looked at Sam's older photos for inspiration and decided to cheese it up. Much better!

What's a kettlebell you ask? It's a piece of equipment used for a Russian style of weight-lifting. It looks like a bowling ball with a handle or a tea kettle without a spout. I have been practicing kettlebell training for eight months now, and I love it so much. It works the whole body as a unit instead of isolating muscles like traditional weight-lifting, and the movements feel natural and not static. Here are the shirts (the kettlebell was my birthday present from Brian)!

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