Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Men's Outfits at United Colors of Benetton

Benettoni!! Benetton has long been my absolute favorite store (except for a brief period in 2003 when I was infatuated with Agnes B.). And in Italy, it is all over the place like the Gap used to be here. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a location that sells men's clothes. The UTC location had just a tiny rack of men's apparel, but it was deep in gorgeousness. Oh yeah, and everything was on sale and further reduced by 20%.
My theory on this store is that only the most adventurous fashionistas shop here because everyone else is afraid of the weird Italian sizing system. Seriously, who wants to put on a pair of size 52 pants and find out they're too small??

I must add that the saleswoman gushed over my sweater vest and told me that I have wonderful style and that I dressed very European-like! She was European herself so I believed. Also, I wasn't trying on anything so I think she was telling me the truth. While she was doing all of this gushing, though, she wouldn't leave us alone to take the pictures so we had to shoot them in the tiny changing room.

Outfit #1:

Here is a shimmery puffy bronze moto-style jacket with leather trim and equally shimmery gray pants. The stripes on the shirt help to make the solid colors of the jacket and pants stand out. I don't think this outfit would work as well with a solid shirt.

Bronze jacket with leather trim: $112 (sale price)

Grey shimmery pants: $48 (sale price)


Joel did NOT want to say goodbye to this ultra-fitted tweed blazer. It fit him beautifully and went really well with the shirt, too. It reminds me of my tweed blazer that I wish was as fitted as this one. I told Joel that he could get a $5 tweed blazer and get it tailored to look exactly like this one, but I think I should take my own advice! I've long believed that tweed jackets and striped shirts go together like pb&j.

Fitted tweed blazer: $128 (sale price)

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