Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Men's Outfits at Banana Republic

My friend Joel offered to model for me, but it has taken months for us to schedule a session! Finally we went to UTC mall in La Jolla last Friday to try on outfits while Joel wore a " Hebrew Chai on Gray/White Striped V-Neck T-Shirt." Our friend works at that BR so he hooked us up with privacy while we got our shop/blog (shog?) on!

Outfit #1:

These blue-gray jeans are paired with a heavy, thick-knit, chocolate brown cardigan. I love how the buttons shine under the lights. It's too bad you can't feel how silky soft was the cardigan. Neither were too expensive either!

Jeans: $78

Cardigan: $88

Outfit #2:

I couldn't decide which picture to post, so I posted both! It's hard to see, but these are navy pinstriped casual pants and an olive military-style jacket. Notice how much more elegant this outfit is compared to the first one. The biggest difference is pants instead of jeans. I really wish more guys would wear cute pants out instead of always jeans. They are often just as comfortable if they are the right size. Since the waist on pants don't stretch the same way that jeans do, most men have a closet full of pants that are too small so they wear jeans whenever pants aren't absolutely required. Anyway, I love the jacket and wish it were mine.

Olive military jacket: $148

Pinstriped pants: $68

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