Sunday, December 23, 2007

it's a hope&spray christmas! (part one)

Every year my sister and I tell each other exactly what we want for Christmas. This year, I told her that it's gonna be a hope&spray christmas! And it is! I think every year from now on will be, in fact.
We exchanged a few gifts last night because my neice came over and my boyfriend was going away. I gave them both shirts! Also, my baby nephew wore his custom hope&spray sleepsuit. Here are the pics!

Brian is an 80's freak, so I thought he would love the "Love Symbol" that Prince borrowed when
he was The Artist. While Brian does love Prince, he loves Prince's proteges even more! Go Sheila E! I sprayed it on an American Apparel white/charcoal baseball shirt. It's a super soft 50/50 blend. Our second favorite comedian (after Nikki Glaser) is Sarah Silverman who wears nothing but baseball shirts. Oh, how I regret not bringing her a Hebrew baseball shirt when we went to her show in September! You'll get it Sarah! I won't forget Big S!

Here is my beautiful neice Jada wearing her Books on Bamboo raglan women's shirt! The shirt was pretty long on her so we added a ribbon around her waist to tie the look together (pun intended). The image of a person walking up a stairway of books is inspired by Books First. It's a literacy organization that my original model, Sam, is a part of.

Baby David is putting his Dauphin Sleepsuit in Ecru Organic Cotton to good use as he naps against my sister's arm. He dressed it up with a yellow-trimmed pacifier and a Tiki print wool jacket.

I can't wait for the rest of my family and friends to open their gifts! I'll make sure to take pictures and share them with all of you!

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