Tuesday, December 25, 2007

it's a hope&spray christmas (part two)

Merry Christmas from hope&spray!!
Today I gave each member of my family new shirts! They each agreed to model them right away!
For my sister, Rosie, I gave her the "Pimp" Japanese character on gray/white striped v-neck t-shirt. I think it looks great! Isn't she a natural model?

I also gave her the Prince "Love Symbol" on black Bamboo raglan women's shirt. I advised her that when she washes the shirt, much of the sparkliness will come off leaving a beautiful gray imprint of the image. I love the shirt both ways, and I'm sure she will, too! I can't wait to list some silver on black shirts.

Here is my brother-in-law, Max, in his "Pimp" on gray/white striped tank top! Max is a cyclist so I thought a tank top would be great for his athletic lifestyle. Look how great the tank looks with a blazer! As I said in an earlier post, the best thing about a tank top is the neckline!

For my dad, I knew he'd love to display his Jewishness on a shirt. Ironic, huh? A Hebrew shirt for Christmas! Yeah, we're Jewish, but we used to spend every Christmas at my Catholic grandparents' house in Arizona so exchanging gifts has become a family tradition even though we don't really celebrate the birth of Christ.

He's also athletic so I knew he would love the super soft Bamboo t-shirt. It wicks sweat like expensive workout shirts, but at a much lower cost.

Now, since my mom's birthday was Christmas Eve, she got two shirts!

First, she's been begging me for a long-sleeved shirt because it gets so cold here in the SF Bay Area (Hercules, if you're wondering). I made her a Peace Dove on silver long-sleeved fitted women's shirt. She loved it, of course.

Here it is with a plum Land's End cashmere cardigan and matching scarf:

Her second shirt is probably my favorite one currently listed on my shop: Om on white women's raglan shirt.

With the cardigan:

That's all! My baby nephew, David, was not in the mood to model his Om on ecru long-sleeved organic cotton shirt. Hopefully I'll get a picture to post soon!

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