Monday, January 14, 2008

how to get your t-shirt on TV

this is how (my segment starts 30 seconds in):

My incredibly awesome workout studio, Iron Core, was featured on the TV Guide Network last week. I seized the opportunity to be part of the taping and show the nation one of my hope&spray shirts.

I wore my "Red Kettlebell on White Bamboo T-Shirt," picked a spot in the front of the class for easy cameraman access, and worked my butt off to do the moves with as perfect form as possible.

The best result is that Sarah Lurie (the owner and instructor in the video), who has been a hope&spray supporter since I was just giving shirts to friends, liked the bamboo shirt so much that she offered to sell a limited run of them in the studio. Yep, my first wholesale endeavor! Check out this video of Sarah on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (it will open up in Windows Media Player).

The results were priceless! I got lots of great close-ups. It was really fun to watch myself on the small screen and even more fun to send the clip to my friends and family!

Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Daisy Fuentes. She didn't come to San Diego. But, my sister's friend's cousin is friends with her so Rosie has hung out with her which is pretty cool. I really love Daisy. I saw her on TV yesterday speaking very intelligently about how girls shouldn't obsess about being thin.

I am especially excited about this because I am getting certified as a Kettlebell trainer next month. I plan to launch an in-home personal training business using kettlebells exclusively. Since they are so portable, people will be able to get great results without having to waste time going to a gym. Hoohah!

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Anonymous said...

YAY! Now I know more faces in the clip, too! You (and your shirt) looked amazing :)